Postpartum Doula

“When parents are supported to get their own needs met, they can nurture and care for their baby with the confidence that they already know how to do so.” – Sara

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Why a Postpartum Doula?

Give your family the opportunity to really thrive!  Postpartum Doulas provide emotional and physical support, the opportunity to process your birth experience in a healthy way, knowledge and experience around the many decisions you will make regarding care, and ongoing support with help around the house and breastfeeding.
-Welcome Baby Care

According to DONA, “…women who experience support from their family members, care providers, counselors and peer groups have greater breastfeeding success, greater self-confidence, less postpartum depression, and a lower incidence of abuse than those who do not.”
-Strong Roots Counseling

“…Many families find the initial weeks after the arrival of a baby to be particularly challenging – learning how to care for a new baby, helping siblings adjust, getting some much needed rest! A Postpartum Doula can make this transition easier, enabling parents to enjoy the early days with their baby and discover the parenting techniques that work for them.”

-Childbirth International


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