Greg & Rachel- Northampton

bakers 2Sara’s natural warmth coupled with her knowledge of child development makes her an immediate hit with newborns and infants.  However, here is what is more important than that: After you have had a baby, everyone wants to hold the baby, everyone worries about the baby, everyone brings gifts for the baby.  It is hard to find someone who will worry about the mom, advocate for the mom, and care about the mom’s recovery.  Sara knew just when to step in and just when to step back, and her presence meant that my husband could take a break and take care of himself too, rather than being my sole support.

Having someone around with Sara’s knowledge and resources was quite essential.  Sara is not just baby centered, or even just mother centered; I would call her family centered.  She didn’t provide what SHE would want, or what she thought we SHOULD want, but what we needed in any given moment. She even baked us our favorite pie, just to get us through those first, tough, sleepless days!  Her giving, caring nature clearly makes her a natural for this line of work.

And I will add, although this is not her area of focus, Sara WAS there for the birth of my son – and I could not have asked for a more wonderful and necessary contribution to my birthing and postpartum team.

I highly recommend Sara’s wide range of services to anyone who wants to support their own healing and happiness in the “fourth trimester.” -Rachel

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