About Sara

About Sara

Sara Rose Rachlin is a Postpartum Doula in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

As a new mother, Sara understands the challenges of having a new baby at home.  She is inspired to help parents feel as supported as possible, so they can do the hard work of caring for their family.  

Over one empowering visit with friends in Colorado, Sara had a conversation with a postpartum doula that would go on to change her life.  Sara discovered that as a postpartum doula she could contribute to families as they transitioned into having a new baby at home by being present with them as they recognized their own inherent knowledge about caring for their own child.

Her commitment to this work was formed during a decade of teaching children from preschool to high school, in settings as varied as an urban elementary school, an island community in the Pacific Ocean, a rural preschool and teen center in Ghana, a Midwestern suburban community center, a university lab preschool, a New England summer camp, and a small rural preschool.

As well as working with families as a postpartum doula, Sara taught preschool for 8 years in both Colorado and the Pioneer Valley.  She sings with Amandla Chorus, a singing community for justice, freedom, and peace.  Sara loves spending time with her family and her amazing supportive community here in the valley.